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September 2014 Prayer Letter

Grace Baptist Church – Eldoret
September 2014 Prayer Letter

Dear Friends,

The Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy forewarning him of times of difficulty ahead, he said:
“For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money…without self-control…lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people.” (2 Tim.3:1ff)

This is a strange way otherwise to begin a Prayer Letter. However, as we sat in front of our church Tent of Meeting talking with our Deacon, a man ‘Prayer Warrior’ (for that is what they call themselves) from one of the Word of Faith churches was visiting in the neighbourhood and answering a caller on his mobile phone. The one-sided conversation went like this:
‘Let me tell you, we are so busy we cannot come for a prayer worth 10 Bob [less than a penny]…No, mark my words, we are so busy, we can only pray to God for big things not for flu or common aches and pains...’
My heart sunk and I felt so sad. I had had that men pray for money but I had never come so close to hearing a ‘prayer man’ turn away a needy person because the price tag would not be met! Upon hearing that, my wife in a cunning way said, “my dear we shall remain poor!”

Church Plot Update
The many visits to the Lands and Municipal Offices have continued. Both the architectural and structural drawings are ready and together with the Certificate of Change of User application are all submitted. We however learned that all land matters for considerations and approvals are put on hold by the Governor till further notice! Please pray with us that the Sovereign Ruler of heaven and earth will move the hearts of all concerned. When we consider the fees and delays involved at every stage of the process, we now understand why so often many people fall into the temptation of corruption.

Naphtally, Bill, Michael and Sam at the Conference

Running Forward, Remaining Faithful
Together with Pastors Sam Oluoch and Michael Maura, colleagues in the ReCFoK and Pastor Bill Issa from Uganda we were privileged to attend the 25th Reformed Conference in Lusaka Zambia. We arrived on Saturday 23rd August and the following Lord’s Day preached in various churches. I preached for Pastor Ronald Kalifungwa at Lusaka Baptist Church in the morning and in Pastor Conrad Mbewe’s Kabwata Baptist Church in the evening.
From 25th to 29th some one thousand five hundred people gathered daily at Lusaka Baptist Church. The Conference theme was “Running Forward, Remaining Faithful.” Pastor Kalifungwa gave the keynote address saying that ‘Running Forward’ is all about missions. It is taking the gospel to every part of Zambia, the rest of Africa and indeed to the West also. ‘Remaining Faithful’ relates to the Doctrines of Grace. This is the other great thing that can happen to one after conversion.

The two main speakers were Pastor Voddie Baucham and Pastor Ken Jones both from USA. Voddie handled the ‘Running Forward’ showing very convincingly from Genesis to Revelation that our God is always on mission; that God expects His people to always be on mission and that the whole of Biblical revelation has missionary tone from beginning to end and finally the consummation of all things come at the end of mission.
Ken Jones very ably day by day took and expounded each of the five points (TULIP) of the Reformed Faith which Charles H Spurgeon once called “the revealed truth of God as it is Christ Jesus.” Ken would take each Doctrine, set forth its statement, then extract summary teachings from the same and finally draw out applicable observations.
Pastor Conrad Mbewe gave the closing address by asking a pointed question ‘what difference will all this make to us from here onwards?’ Using Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians Dr. Mbewe brought out two important points:
1.       Gratitude – Reformation in Zambia has
truly been God’s work and He is worth all praise. 30 years ago there was no Reformed Baptist Church in Zambia. Now there are 40 English speaking RBC in the whole country with 10 of these within Lusaka the capital city. He then added that ‘Humility does not mean denying what God has done but accepting what He has done and giving Him the glory.’
2.       Anxiety about tomorrow – (1) Greatest
fear is toleration of gospel error. He underscored that while the gospel is our life-line, it is being diluted in the present church. (2) Lose of unity in the years ahead. Pastor Conrad reiterated that it is important for leaders to meet and talk over issues that they don’t agree on. Reformed movement is first of all about the Bible so we must go as far as the Bible goes. Infighting robes any group of the energy they need for the work of the Lord; mission.
It was greatly commendable how the organizing committee handled the daily logistics including the challenges that arose as they sought to provide the best meals possible for such a large multitude. Brothers and sister opened their homes for visitors, took time off from work and used their resources to make the 25th Reformed Conference a success. It was at this conference that I marked my 50+10 years!

Way forward for Kenya and the rest of Africa
After the Conference, we were again invited to preach in different churches which saw me preach for Pastor Kennedy Sunkutu at Kafue Baptist Church about 45 Km from Lusaka. But September 1st Monday night was in all ways the climax as the Reformed Baptist Zambian leaders met with the ReCFoK Kenya together with our Ugandan Brother.
Meeting of Reformed Zambian & Kenyan (ReCFoK) Learders

In the spirit of Colossians 4:7-9 we shared with our Zambian Brothers all about our activities so that they may be able to know how we are and that they may encourage our hearts. We in deed were encouraged and challenged in no small measure.
We stood in admiration and praise to God as we considered that once upon time we were at par with them where Reformed movement was concerned. That however is not the case today and we sought to understand ‘why’ and ‘how’. The answer to the ‘why’ is certainly the sovereignty of God. But the answer to the ‘how’ is strategy. They have laboured over the past thirty years on the principle that the river flows naturally downwards. Thus they invested initially among the Universities and Colleges. As these men and women graduated and got posted to different towns of Zambia, they were never satisfied with anything less than Expository Preaching and Reformed Biblical style of worship. Where these were not available, church plant work would soon commence. With such urban church plants, the Pastor was almost immediately supported by the local church. The results are the statistics presented above by Pastor Mbewe. It is now they are channelling their ‘missional-energy’ towards the vernacular and rural Zambian. What a strategy! It is both Biblical and it works! We have kept encouraging each other since our return not to be discouraged. Friends, will you not partner with us that what the Lord has done in Zambia He would do among us and in the rest of Africa?

KReST Study week
Soon after return from Zambia it was our lecture and study week in Kisumu. Helida and I together with my fellow elder Paul travelled to Kisumu and were there for a whole week. Helida and Melly Oluoch did all the cooking while we did the rest of the work! Pastor Sam and I taught the OT Biblical Theology – Historical Books as Pastor Sunkutu from Zambia handled the NT Epistles.
We concluded the week by holding the Reformed Family Conference committee meeting on Saturday as we planned out our 4th Conference which will be December 8th to 12th. We solicit your prayers.

Preaching and Teaching ministry
Pastor Paul leads the adult Sunday school through the Gospel of John. We are all thankful to God as we see his growing ability in the word.
I continue with expository preaching through Mark’s Gospel. Last Lord’s Day I preached from Mark 7:14-21. On September 20th I was invited and spoke twice at the University Students’ Outreach Conference under the theme of ‘Foundation’. The two papers were a) Sufficiency of Scripture b) Sovereignty of God in Salvation. Please pray for fruit.

As we labour among those who peddle the gospel for monetary and material gain, we very much value your partnership that we may maintain the course of ‘Running Forward and Remaining Faithful.’

In Christ by grace alone,

Naphtally & Helida Ogallo
Grace Baptist Church – Eldoret
P.O. Box 170
Eldoret, Kenya.
Cell: +254 723 918943
Landline: +254 53 2030823

Wednesday, July 30, 2014




Dear Friends,
It is most fitting for us to begin our August Prayer Letter by first saying thank you ever so much for all of you who have contacted us to say you are praying for us. Your prayers and words of encouragement have been used by God to strengthen us greatly. Joseph Parker’s hymn of long ago has been in our minds and lips frequently during this time that our sovereign Lord has seen fit to allow us go through these trials:
1. God holds the key of all unknown
And I am glad;
If other hands should hold the key
Or if He trusted it to me,
I might be sad.
2. What if tomorrow’s cares were here
Without its rest!
I’d rather He unlocked the day,
And, as the hours swing open, say,
My will is best.
3. I cannot read His future plans;
But this I know:
I have the smiling of His face
And all the refuge of His grace
While here below.
4. Enough; this covers all my wants
And so I rest;
For what I cannot, He can see
And in His care I saved shall be
For ever blest.

Church Plot update

Ever since the destruction of our church property on July 2nd Helida and I have moved severally to various offices both to understand ‘why?’ and to seek all necessary and official approvals for work to restart at our church plot.
After we get all necessary documents and before we resume the work, we will insist to see the one who ordered the demolition of our property for that ‘Why?’ factor. Our patience has been tested and tried but we remain resilient by God’s grace alone. One thing we are learning is that the ‘wheels’ at the Lands Office and the Municipal Department turn ever so slowly.
We have since put in the application for the ‘Certificate of Change of User’ but which has a rather long process to fruition. The building drawings are also underway. After which we will engage a Quantity Surveyor.
Hardly two weeks after the demolition, we experienced yet another destruction. On 12th July between 1pm and 2pm while we were in the house, someone bravely came into our compound, broke and made away with two water meters. He left behind dry taps and litres of water running to waste! Those olden water metres made of brass metal are ‘endangered species’ here. We are learning that when stolen, they find their way to metal companies for re-melting and even for making bullets!! But even in this incident, we saw God’s sovereign control. Imagine what would have happened if we walked out of the house and met the vandalism going on. God is good.

Church life
Though the church has gone through these painful times, it is also going through a period of unique growth. There is a spirit both of togetherness and a more earnest prayer. Members are also boldly speaking of how the Lord has taught them unique lessons particularly in how Helida and I were enabled by the Lord to conduct ourselves through these challenges.
But our prayer remains this that ‘we may see the gospel run through Eldoret and beyond.’
Moses Magan has finally finished his studies in Diploma in Community Development. It has been a joy to see him grow spiritually

among us. God willing, he will be joining Moi University for further studies from September. He is very significant in our Sunday school and Youth activities. Please pray for his future.

Teaching opportunity

On July 19th I went to speak at the Moi University School of Health Sciences Christian Union on the topic of ‘Mentorship as a God Given Task’. They listened well and asked many questions. Please pray that they will apply the biblical principles of disciple making.

Millicent and the children

In it one year since the death of our dear Brother Julius. We all miss him much. But we don’t stop to thank God for the way He has proved faithful both to Millicent and to the five children. We do remember with gratitude the practical concern you have shown this dear family. As we indicated in the previous P/L, the children have settled in so well at the Testimony Faith Homes and the Lord has spared them from ill health ever since they joined the home a few months ago. Millicent has also adjusted well at the Polytechnic where she is taking Dressmaking and Tailoring. She visits the children about twice a month and then stays with us till after Sunday service before returning to the Poly. The photo shows the family last Saturday when we went to visit the children. We are arranging to bring them one Sunday morning to be with us for service and fellowship before they are returned. Please thank the Lord with us for them.


At the beginning of July, my mum Fibi Ogalo fell critically ill. There was panic from the village and our presence was desired. We travelled on July 14th and spent some very quality time with her. While she is very weak bodily at 89, she is spiritually alert and vibrant. A number of medical tests were done and she was seen by her Physician. She is steady at the moment. It was also in God’s good pleasure that our youngest brother Dr. Slade came back home for a short holiday from Bahrain. His love for the Lord is very evident and most encouraging.

Cold and Rain
Weather patterns have certainly changed. The rains are here now but after being waited for anxiously, the weather is also very cold. Uasin Gishu County (formerly North Rift) has been a national ‘bread basket’ but that is under threat. It may not be hitting the media headlines but famine is a real concern in a number of areas.

Security is still as elusive as before. The Government’s constant assurance that it is in control has not given people the much needed confidence.
When we consider all that is happening in Eldoret and Kenya at large, we are persuaded that the gospel of the grace of God must be preached. This is our consuming desire. Pray with us please.
In Christ by grace alone,

Naphtally & Helida Ogallo
Grace Baptist Church – Eldoret
P.O. Box 170
Eldoret, Kenya.
Cell: +254 723 918943
Landline: +254 53 2030823

Friday, July 11, 2014

3rd Reformed Family Conference

3rd Reformed Family Conference
9th to 13th Dec. 2013 (ReCFoK – Kenya)

Dear Friends,

December Friday 13th was a day of mixed feelings. It was literally a climax. On the one hand there were those who deeply wanted to return home and be with their dear ones for perfect reasons! On the other hand many felt it was such a blessing being under such gracious Biblical teachings and warm fellowship. They would have loved an extension regardless of the evenings when it rained heavily and meant that the usually hot and humid Lakeside City turned cold. The 3rd Reformed Family Conference held at Grace Baptist Church in Kisumu came to a wonderful end.

There were two key speakers dealing with the theme of ‘Christianity – a Faith to Profess.’ Pastor Al Rommal of Northwest Baptist Church, Phoenix AZ taught eight times. He began with 1 Corinthians 12 from where he laid clear demarcation: ‘The church of Christ has many members but one body. It is God who has set each member in His church; so each believer is of value to God. Therefore it is an honour to share the gospel with those who lack it.’
In his subsequent session, Al used Acts 17:30 to show that God’s ministry in the Word is manifold but focuses on bringing the elect to salvation and obedience. Reflect upon this: “The Word of God plus the power of God equals obedience to God.”
From Mark 2:23ff and Genesis 2:1ff, Pastor Al showed the rich blessings that the Sabbath holds for God’s people. The subject of the Sabbath was very dear to Pastor Al’s and so he next used Isaiah 58:13 and 14 to persuade God’s people to ‘fall in love’ with the Lord’s Day. He proved convincingly from the Scriptures that those who obey God in this matter and ‘turn their foot from the Sabbath’ have everything to gain and nothing of worth to loose. God’s people will be faithful witnesses by honouring the Sabbath Biblically than by seeking to explain it away as some evangelicals are trying to do!
In his fifth session, Pastor Al, laboured from Psalm 86:1ff to excite God’s people to desire to be present in His house; when His people meet to worship. This is exciting because Christ is there and ‘He is altogether lovely’, His Words are spoken and ‘They are sweeter than honey.’ Believer can do no other than to delight in the one who paid so high a price for them.
The sixth, seventh and final sessions were geared towards preparing God’s people for heaven – their eternal home. These sessions covered 2 Corinthians 5:1ff; Revelation 19:6ff and 21:1-5 respectively.
Throughout Pastor Al’s teachings and conversions, one thing stood out; and that is love. He hammered home the urgent need of love. As a people who have been loved by God in Christ, love, he emphasised, is the antidote to the ills that frustrate the desired unity in Reformation in Kenya. Love, Pastor Al insisted, must be the driving principle reaching out to our charismatic brothers and sisters. He pointed out that ‘Reformation comes when God takes His people and moulds them into the image of Christ.’

                Pastor Chipita Sibale from Kabwata Baptist Church, Lusaka, Zambia was the other guest speaker. He gave the keynote address on the opening night. He rightly set the stage from Romans 11:33-36 by showing that true religion must start and end at the glory of God. Paul’s response to the inexhaustible fountain of the knowledge of God was never to be ashamed of the Gospel. Believers, Pastor Chipita pointed out, must imitate Paul.
The rest of his sessions were all in the mornings. Pastor Chipita began by challenging the conference attendees from the ‘best known verse in the Bible’ of the unavoidable response of professing ones faith. From John 3:16, he showed 1) the divine person called God, 2) God’s amazing love and gift to the world and 3) the amazing ending of God’s plan for salvation. Thus, because of who God is and for what He has done, believers must be bold and humble as they witness of God to the world.
From John 8:34-36 Pastor Chipita argued that the evidence of slavery to sin is all around expressed in drunkenness, corruption, immorality, broken homes etc. He then showed that it is only the Son who truly sets sinners free. So believers must not be ashamed of their profession.
Kenya was celebrating its 50th birthday on December 12th and even though the Conference had adopted as its anthem Charles Homer Gabriel’s hymn “I stand amazed in the presence of Jesus the Nazarene…”, Pastor Chipita led the Conference in singing the Kenyan National Anthem! It first stanza reads:
“O God of all creation,
Bless this our land and nation
Justice be our shield and defender
May we dwell in unity, peace and liberty
Plenty be found within our borders.”
Chipita then used 1 Peter 2:9-12 to show that while Christians live in this world they must show that they belong to another nation; heaven itself. As such, believers must walk in humility, and holiness. This is a powerful way to profess ones faith.
While he began with the well known passage, Pastor Chipita ended his sessions with a less known passage of 2 Chronicles 29:26-30. From David’s final days, Chipita challenged believers to live their lives responsibly passing on their faith to the youth. Believers must learn to depend on God and they with David will experience lasting joy. With such prospects, one can and must process his faith.

Four local speakers led workshops every afternoon. Pastor Michael of Bethesda Baptist Church, Nairobi took the youth in a two day discussion on ‘Getting along with others.’ Brother Lawrence Muiruri of Injili Bible Church Nairobi then spent the last two days with the youth exploring the effects of Internet Technology and how they can handle the challenge it poses. Pastor Sam of Grace Baptist Church Kisumu led a workshop on Missions. Key issues like ‘what is mission?’, ‘what it involves’, ‘its importance’, and ‘who is to go?’ were tackled. ‘Hindrances and manoeuvring mission obstacles’ were then discussed. The concluding note was that ‘local church, self-sustaining and self-regulating are what we find in the Holy Book.’  Pastor Naphtally of Grace Baptist Church, Eldoret led a discussion on “Why is the Charismatic Movement Thriving in Africa?” This was based on Dr. Conrad Mbewe’s article published in Reformation Today #255.  It was closely followed with a discussion of a chapter from John MacArthur’s book Charismatic Chaos.’ The discussion was not just lively but sobering.

The success of this year’s conference is squarely the Lord’s. But He used among others the churches that form ReCFoK, a number of other friendly churches and individuals who only the Lord will reward.
The host church GBC, Kisumu worked tirelessly and coordinated everything so well. Meals and accommodation for all the 120 registered attendees were first class. Many other local residents opted to attend on daily basis from their homes. Along with representatives from USA and Zambia, Uganda was represented by Pastor Bill Issa who also gave a very moving testimony of God’s gracious work in his life and ministry.

All were convinced that Christianity is a faith which must be professed and many left with their hearts burning within them to be urgent in doing just that. To God be the glory.

The 4th Annual Reformed Family Conference is set for 8th to 12th December 2014. Please, pray with us as we begin to prepare for it.

Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

Written by Naphtally Ogallo on behalf of ReCFoK.


A Day of Lessons and Reflections

Our Lord's Day yesterday was subdued yet joyful. This was the first Lord’s Day after our temporary church structures were destroyed by the authorities. We were never given time to explain our actions or the seven day minimum notice.

My colleague Pastor Paul led the Adult Bible study from 1 Pet.3:13-16 emphasizing that Christians should not live in fear.

I then preached on 


The question lingering in many minds has been WHY? I then sought to answer that question in three ways. Below is my outline:

1. Because of sin in the human heart.
- Though '...God made man upright, but they have sought out many schemes' (Ecclesiastes 7:29) - SIN
- 1) there was sinful love of money portrayed; corruption; bribe (cf. 2 Tim.3:3; Prov.17:23). But because we were not willing to go that root then we were bound to suffer.
- 2) Hence, there was a love of destruction demonstrated in arrogance, heartlessness, lack of self-control, brutality, and recklessness (2 Tim.3:2-4)
- But, Bible concludes that not only the destructive team but 'ALL have sinned and fall short of God's glory' (Rom.3:23).

2. Because of Sovereign Control of God in affairs of men.
- 1) Sovereignty of God = 'The exercise of God's supremacy' (Psalm 115:3; 135:6). C.H.Spurgeon said 'this must be the most encouraging character of God for the believers...' Because God holds ALL that happens to His children in perfect balance.
We saw this at least in two ways:
i) God kept the evil plan from us for a whole month of hard labour at the church site!
ii) God ordered that the destruction take place before we arrive at the site!
If members were at the site the moment of destruction, you can only imagine what would have transpired! God is surely sovereign for the good of His children.
-> I then gently but urgently pressed the sovereignty of God in the consciences of the congregation.

3. Because the Gospel MUST Advance.
- Persecution never hinders but advances the course of the gospel! (Phil.1:12-18)
- Paul was in trouble because of the gospel (v.16)
- Yet the gospel advanced! (v.12)
- the gospel went to places previously shut (v.13);
-> in our case, this incident has made Helida and I to go to Offices and begin to witness to high ranking officials hitherto unreached by us!
- during troubled times true believers grow bold (v.14)

But what is this gospel?
- it is not plots, permanent structures or even powerful PA systems!
- it is that which Christ is at the center. As the one who died, rose again and now from heaven sends His Holy Spirit that sinners be made right with God again.
- this is worth suffering for (v.13)
- must be preached without envy, rivalry or selfish ambition (vv.15-17).
-> I then brought a number of areas of application.
i) that the destruction must lead us to boldness for the sake of the gospel
ii) that God's sovereignty must be our source of comfort now and assurance for tomorrow
iii) that we must be convinced that the gospel remains the only hope for our sinful town and beyond.

Later during our Lord's Supper, various brethren shared their experiences and reflections. Some said that they were so affected and were observing keenly how Helida and I were reacting. And that our reaction or behavior through the whole episode helped them tremendously to know how to cope and behave through the same! We felt so humbled by these words. We were not conscious that we were actually being observed. We just give glory to God and pray for more grace.

In Christ by grace alone,

Friday, October 26, 2012

Prayer Letter Oct-Nov 2012

Ogallo Family – Prayer Letter               Oct-Nov 2012
Grace Baptist Church – Eldoret
P.O. Box 170 – 30100, Eldoret, Kenya
Tel: +254 53 2030823; Cell: +254 723 918943 or +254 737 918943

Dear Friends,
Receive our greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
At the end of what otherwise is a very hard Psalm, David concludes (35:28) “And my tongue shall speak of Your righteousness and of Your praise all the day long.” We rejoice as we report of the Lord’s righteousness upon our lives and ministry in these past weeks.
            At the end of September HeartCry and our Zambian brethren facilitated a ten days trip for Pastor Sam of Grace Baptist Church Kisumu and I. The purpose was for us to visit the CopperBelt Ministerial College (CMC) in Ndola city so that we could learn lessons which would help us structure our new College in Kisumu. The two Sundays which found us in Zambia were memorable. The first Sunday (30th September), I had opportunity to preach at Kabwata Baptist Church where I last preached exactly twenty years and one month ago! The last Sunday (7th October) I was also privileged to preach at Lusaka Baptist Church where I last preached exactly seven years ago! Reuniting with former acquaintances and making new contacts brought to me no small joy. And so, I have been meditating on Psalm 16:3 “And to the saints who are on the earth, “They are the excellent ones, in whom is all my delight.”
            From 1st to 5th October we were in Ndola city. Our time at CMC was very fruitful in every way. It was a great privilege to attend the lectures, interact with the students, and discuss with the administration and the faculty. We also had opportunities to visit homes of the leaders of various churches both in Ndola and back in Lusaka. Food everywhere was delicious and these good brethren made sure we didn’t lack anything; I actually added weight! CMC has been operating for over four years and held its first graduation early this year. In all this, we learnt a lot.
            During those two Sundays while I was away, Pastor Michael of Bethesda Baptist Church travelled from Nairobi and preached for me. The church appreciated his ministry very much. While the church was very happy to have me back, many also testified that my being away made them learn to look to the Lord more earnestly; what a good lesson that was!
            We say thank you for your replies and prayers following our last Prayer Letter (2nd Supplement). We needed them so much. Shortly after my return from Zambia, a young man called Jeffry, who was under conviction of sin, approached me. After a long talk, I pointed him to Christ upon whom he made a profession of faith. He has been regular at the teaching ministries of the church. Please remember him in prayers that the Lord will enable him to grow in faith and the knowledge of Christ. We are also very thankful to God for new people attending our services. Pray that the Lord may save those who are not yet saved and that believers may seek to identify with the church through membership. We continue to develop opportunities among the University students. Please pray that these opportunities will bear lasting fruit. Equally, do not be weary to pray for us regarding church land and a more permanent meeting structure.
            This coming Lord’s Day, we expect James Williamson of HeartCry and the Coordinator of ministerial training colleges at Lusaka and Ndola. After the Sunday ministries, both of us will travel to Kisumu where James will visit the College and give lectures. Please pray for us regarding various needs of this young College. Finally, pray for our annual Family Conference set for 10th to 14th Dec.
In Christ by grace,
Naphtally & Helida Ogallo.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Doctrine: Christ is without sin

“For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are – yet was without sin.” (Hebrews 4:15).

Monday, October 15, 2012

Doctrine: Christ is both God and Man

6 "Who being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be grasped,
7 But made Himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness." (Philippians 2:6-7 NIV).